Pure Public Relations is delighted to welcome Burleigh Pottery to its interiors and design portfolio

Pure Public Relations is delighted to welcome Burleigh Pottery to its interiors and design portfolio

Burleigh has a rich and intricate history, beginning and remaining in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of English pottery. The British brand prides itself on a sustained use of time-honoured manufacturing processes at Middleport Pottery, its home since 1889. The last Pottery of its kind in many respects, Burleigh bears a binding commitment to the tradition and specificity of its craft.

49908_Burleigh Dove Grey6927 compressed.jpg

Last month, the Pure Public Relations Interiors Team had the pleasure of visiting Middleport Pottery and gaining a fascinating insight into the long-standing manufacturing methods, the illustrious history of the brand and the atmosphere in the original Victorian buildings.

Burleigh is the only pottery in the world to decorate its wares using tissue transfer printing. The decorating method dates back over 250 years, an art one can expect to master in no less than five years. There are now just 11 craftspeople in the world who have the precise skills needed to continue Burleigh’s decorative lineage. Long-established for its classic blue and white patterns, Burleigh has expanded its colourway offering, with tissue printed patterns in pink, plum, red, mulberry, grey, green and contemporary black.

With rare expertise, honourable craftsmanship and unrivalled quality, Burleigh Pottery has become an icon in both the design and consumer landscapes. By combining a knowledge of colour trends and a boundless trust in traditional artistry, Burleigh has paved the way for its narrative to continue to be told today.

Burleigh ware is available from an array of some of the world’s leading retailers and is the choice of a selection of prestigious restaurants, including Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty, The Ned, Soho House Group and Chiltern FireHouse.




The Andrew Martin 'White' pop-up opens its door

The Andrew Martin 'White' pop-up opens its door

Nestled on London's Walton Street, right next to their permanent showroom, Andrew Martin has just opened a summer pop-up, and everything featured in it is white. Working as an antithesis to their flagship, the concept of White is to showcase a different way of using Andrew Martin products, breaking their signature look. Expect low and laid-back sofas, rustic pieces in distressed wood, glass and metallic finishes and an airy brightness. 

Dog_AM White.jpeg

Cool tones 

are a breath of fresh air and leave the consumer feeling instantly calm 

We are so excited and urge you to pop down and check it out for yourselves. 

Andrew Martin White, 186-188 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL

Click HERE for more information... 

5 Reasons Why Print Media Still Matters

5 Reasons Why Print Media Still Matters

“In every part of our business we have upgraded our thinking to accommodate online and social media.  From the way we organise events, to the processes we have in place for launching new products.  We have welcomed bloggers since the very beginning, we were the first UK agency to run a dedicated bloggers event and we now have a team dedicated to driving social media and influencer relationships.  Whilst there is always a focus towards online, bloggers, vloggers and influencers, the influence of print media, is 100% effective from a commercial level, for driving sales and impacting our clients'  P+L - and really that's what we're here for,” Kelly Marks, Co-Founder Pure Public Relations. “The key thing for PR success is achieving what we like to call the 'the sweet spot', the cross-channeling of print + digital + social + direct to consumer activity.” explains Kelly . And as we wave goodbye to yet more print titles with the closures of Interview and Look Magazine, we feel that this is a discussion worth having. Here’s why…


The last ever Look 

11 years & 561 issues later

1. A recent report found that 56% of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy form of marketing. And we don’t know about you but accounts using #ad #spon #sponsor after every post are starting to lose our trust and attention.  In fact in a recent survey we found that 50% of women aged 25-45 had recently purchased something they'd seen in print (magazine or newspaper), 40% had bought directly from seeing something non commercial via a social media feed and just half of this a sponsored social post.  Additionally, following certain articles we have achieved through PR for our clients, they report back to us notable uplifts in sales when hits are in leading weekend supplements. (see details below)

2. Subscriptions remain strong. The Times saw a recent sales jump of 200% in paying-subscriber sales, which is being put down to a shift in the editorial approach. According to Catherine Newman, chief marketing officer at The Times and Sunday Times, as much effort is being put into increasing engagement with existing subscribers as it does to acquiring new ones. The Times has a call centre open for subscribers who want to make contact about its coverage, and those conversations are played in meetings so journalists can hear first-hand what readers want. The industry is becoming more personal than ever before.

Two talented editor's on the media matter...

Dear beauty industry... this is what happens when you market the crap out of beauty editorial & don’t support the very industry - ie print journalism - that darn well supported you. RIP Look Magazine
— Jo Glanville-Blackburn
Honestly, magazines are in trouble. But you know that. Yet if you’re as passionate about print as we are, then we urge you to log off, look up and treat yourself to a mag break once in a while
— Gilly Ferguson, Editor of Look Magazine

3. Print media is tangible and you can go back to a magazine time and time again to leaf through the pages. You tear pages out, keep magazines on their coffee tables and share them with your friends. According to Newsworks, new PAMCo (The Published Audience Measurement Company) data shows that print still reaches 1 in 4 adults every single day. That’s 24.5 million every week and 30 million every month.  It’s no secret that newspaper print circulations have declined, newspapers maintain a weekly readership of 24.5 million, versus 11.1 million on desktop and 26.6 million on mobile. 

4. Print advertising is still key for brands, and they talk time and time again about how they still value it – alongside digital ads, not instead of. According to Newsworks, touching a print ad increases purchase intent by 24% and 16% would be glad to try it. The ‘physical interaction’ increases their love for the brand by 22%, consideration to purchase by 66% and talking about the brand by 40%. Adding newspapers to your campaign boosts your return on investment by three times on average and makes other media work harder. So while it's not strictly our domain, when our clients ask us for our advice on where to spend their advertising budget, we like them to acknowledge the titles that have supported them over the years - it just feel like the right thing to do. 

5. If you want to read about celebrities and gossip, your best bet is to visit their Instagram feed and connect directly. With ‘fake news’ being brought to our attention, Brexit and international affairs in the spotlight, consumers are seeking out factual news and events, and the result is an incline in circulation for titles like Private Eye, The Spectator and The Economist by as much as 37.2%. 

[Subhead] The Power of Print

Pure Public Relations truly believe in being client centered and commercially driven – here are just a few of our print success stories that back-up our beliefs…

  • Super Facialist saw a 317% increase in sales after appearing on India Knight's page in Sunday Time Style Magazine.
  • The sales of Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation in John Lewis soared and were 2000% higher than the previous year after it appeared on Lesley Thomas’ column in The Times.
  • Malin & Goetz saw a week’s worth of business in one weekend after it featured in Sunday Times Style.
  • Lorraine Candy featured Super Facialist Hyaluronic Acid Daily Brightening Cleanser in her column and sales doubled.
  • The Saturday Magazine’s Lesley Thomas wrote about Perricone’s No Bronzer Bronzer which resulted in 5 months of sales in 5 days.

What are your favourite magazines and papers to read? Tweet us @pureprlondon.


Oscar De La Renta Resort 2019 Hair How-To

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2019 Hair How-To

 Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes used the Treatment Original before styling for zero frizz and oodles of shine 

Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes used the Treatment Original before styling for zero frizz and oodles of shine 

Having just dressed Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland for the royal wedding, creatives Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim's brief for their Resort show this week was 'mother-of-the bride'. Think pastel tones and Wedgwood-inspired floral embroidery, the actual dream! Moroccanoil were busy backstage at the show, with Artistic Director Kevin Hughes, working his magic creating super-silky strands. 


  1. On damp  hair,  use  a  dime  size  amount  of  Moroccanoil  Treatment  – or Moroccanoil  Treatment  Light  for  finer  tones - from mid-length  to  the  ends  to  provide  the  perfect  foundation  for  styling
  2. Secondly apply  the Moroccanoil  Root  Boost to  root  area  of  the  hair  for  control  and  body Apply Moroccanoil  Thickening  Lotion to the  mid-length  through  ends  for  instant  fullness  and  long-lasting  body.
  3. Then  create  a center-part  and  blow  dry  the  hair  using  the Moroccanoil  Ceramic  55  MM  Round  Brush and Moroccanoil Professional Series Ceramic Hair Dryer until  dry.
  4. Separate hair in to 1.5 inch  sections, spray  sections  with Moroccanoil  Perfect  Defense to  protect  hair  from  heat  styling.
  5. Use a  1.5 inch  flat  iron  to  create  subtle  waves  throughout  the  hair and seal the  ends  using Moroccanoil  Mending  Infusion. Complete  the  whole  look  with  Moroccanoil  Luminous  Hairspray  Strong to  keep  the  hair away from face.

Hero Hair Tool

This brush will revolutionise the way you dry your hair 

Photo Credit for all images in this folder: Oscar de la Renta Resort ‘18

Hair by Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes

Photography: Jason Carter Rinaldi for Moroccanoil

My Shelfie : @CarolineBarnesMakeUp

My Shelfie : @CarolineBarnesMakeUp

MY SHELFIE: @CarolineBarnesMakeUp

We have the best in beauty and the best in interiors, so it makes perfect sense we invite our industry friends to take a supermarket sweep of our showroom, select their favourite products from our clients’ collections and display them on the iconic String Pocket Shelf (available at Skandium).

When it comes to the make-up industry, Caroline Barnes reigns supreme. Having worked with the likes of Kylie, Cheryl and Rochelle Humes, she is also the UK Ambassador for Max Factor and face of her very own YouTube channel #SpeedBeauty by Caroline Barnes. A much-adored and long-term friend of Pure, Caroline did a ‘smash and grab’ in our showroom to top-up her kit ahead of an exciting trip to Los Angeles.


Take a look at @CarolineBarnesMakeUp #PureBeauty shelfie…

Moroccanoil Ionic Ceramic Barrel Brush There are practical hair brushes and there are hair brushes that make a real difference to the smoothness of your hair. This ionic round brush smooths out my hair like no other, I have recommended it to many friends who are also impressed with the difference it makes.

Moroccanoil Repair Mending Infusion When you have dry or coloured hair you can’t over-use oils and treatments to keep the ends soft and tangle-free, but they can often weigh the hair down. This product is amazing and perfectly smooths my hair without leaving it greasy and oily-looking.

Meding Infusion.jpg

Brand new

Say goodbye to split ends with this serum

Perricone MD No Makeup Lipstick I just made a YouTube video using this product. I have so many around the house and in different handbags - it’s the best nude pink shade that doesn’t drain your complexion but it's the texture that hooks you in. Soft, hydrating and so comfortable on the lips. I promise once you try it you will also want this in your make-up bag.

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint Now this is the product for your skin this summer. Many tints come out slightly pinky but this delivers a beautiful sheer tone of summer warmth over your complexion. It’s so easy to apply, has an SPF 30 and contains vitamin C, I just love it!

Medik8 CE-Thione Pro Strength Vitamin C I use Vitamin C on my skin every morning pre-moisturiser and it has certainly made a difference. I had to try a few to see which ones suited my skin first and I have had such success with Medik8. I have slowly built-up the strength and now I’m on the highest level.

Medik8 r- Retinoate This for me is the gold standard of Retinols. Non-sensitizing, it can be used day and night, absorbs quickly and delivers great results. I won’t use anything else now.

GoldenFaden MD Hands to Heart This is a fanatic hand cream that contains active ingredients niacinamide, glucosamine and retinol to better your skin’s appearance. It leaves skin feeling super-soft, absorbs quickly, is non-sticky and most of all it’s completely natural, paraben and silicone free.

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant I’ve been let down by so many natural deodorants but this one has passed the test.  I have been conscience about using aluminium under my armpits for many years so this is a perfect product I can use without concern.

Super Facialist Pure Micellar Cleansing Gel At the end of the day all you want to do is cleanse your skin scrumptiously clean allowing your night-time active ingredients to settle in. This cleanser has a wonderful jelly-like consistency and feels so lovely to massage into the skin. It dissolves all make-up effortlessly to leave my skin feeling super-clean without being stripped.

Malin+Goetz Neroli Candle This diffuses not only the room but my whole home!! The scent seems to last longer than other brands and it’s always such an appreciated gift to buy someone you love.

Neroli Candle 9oz (Hi).jpg

Feeling fruity

An explosion of orange blossom, musk and iris

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Clear Gloss This was a game-changer for me, it’s made such a difference to my hair! It was instantly shinier, softer and actually reflected the light which my dry hair never does!

DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush Because I colour my hair it can look frizzy but I have to be careful how much heat I apply to it. This is why I love to use DAFNI as the heat is very gentle, it’s super-quick to use and achieves a great polished hair look.


Green power

Packed with Ginseng, Honey, Flower Extracts, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E


 I was super impressed with the glow I got from this botanical mask. It’s lovely to use such a natural product that achieves such great results. It’s easy to apply and would be suitable for all skin types as a weekly boost.


Diane Kruger

stars in the new H&M campaign, make-up by Caroline Barnes 

Celebrity image courtesy of Caroline's Instagram

Interiors Insider: Designing for the future

Interiors Insider: Designing for the future

Yesterday, the Pure PR interiors team attended a Homes & Gardens Designer Insight panel talk at the Ham Yard Hotel on designing for the future and home automation. The Kit Kemp-designed masterpiece is one of 10 in the Firmdale Hotels group, an eclectic curation of neon artworks, larger-than-life, retro film posters and more ingeniously clashed fabrics and wallpapers than you can shake a stick at.


It has been 10 years since the prolific British designer, Kemp, was named the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year, but her work continues to act as a landmark in the design community, as a reference point and a true marker of quality. The hotel was the perfect venue for a design talk on a topic as forward-looking and design-focussed as this.

The panel discussion was grounded in the notion that the connected home is still a nascent idea – a concept with which the population must keep up. In a Time Inc. UK survey of an ABC1 sample, it was found that of the 30% of people who own somewhat automated homes, just 10% feel knowledgeable about this breed of technology.

In the auditorium, Broadcaster Tom Dyckhoff made introductions to a panel of tech and design specialists, Sivan Metzer (Heal’s Furniture Buyer), Tor Vivian (Tor Interiors), Elena Cochero (Director at Lost Values Creative Lab and former MIT Researcher), and Mike Fisher (Studio Indigo).

The bottom line of the discussion was that where tech and interiors meet is a potentially problematic plain, rife with uncertainty about the future of the tech itself. The unanimous perspective of the panel was that integrating hardware into a piece of furniture will date it dramatically, within even a year of its launch. Metzer rightly flagged that technology will change in much more static ways than a bedside table, for example, which is very flexible in the function it serves. The evolution of a bedside table through time is much more organic - an antique piece can still be used in a modern home. For contrast, iPhone users can no longer use the jack on headphones that predate the (relatively recent) release of the iPhone 7.

While this may appear to present a general dismissal of tech-furnished furniture, Cochero posited Wifi as the unlikely link between modern technology and interior design. Wifi-enabled devices will not date in the same way as hardware will, buried into your favourite armchair and rendering itself redundant when it no longer supports the newer, surrounding technology in your home. This is because Wifi can always be updated, giving a new sense of hope for modern homes built with the intention of remaining modern.


Of course, home automation is not without concerns about safety and security. According to Fisher and Tor Vivian, clients who instruct them on interior design projects often mention the removal or blocking of Wifi from bedrooms and children’s rooms. This can be read as a conscious retreat from technology, fuelled by health concerns about its effect on the human brain.

Other concerns lie with the readily available data we provide to what Cochero calls our home “guardians” – namely, Amazon or Google. With the current climate surrounding data protection, it is no surprise that the conversation turns to the more poignant subject of trust and privacy. Dyckhoff suggested that the leap of faith we take when supplying data to these huge conglomerates can be likened to a Faustian pact, entrusting them with our most private information in return for a voice-controlled kettle. 

However, the resonating atmosphere was not one of distrust, nor of disinterest, in home technology. It seems that interior designers are taken on by clients who specify the latest and greatest in home automation, but fail to use it to its full potential when they eventually move into the home. It is with intent and enthusiasm that these exciting features are installed, but subsequent inexplicable reluctance with which they are left in the dust. It was decided that there is a certain beauty in flicking on a light switch or drawing the curtains without the help of a remote control, embracing the analogue act of keeping house. (But we do rather like the sound of asking your kettle for a fresh brew.)

A huge thank you to the Homes & Gardens team, the Ham Yard Hotel and the fabulous panel for inviting us to such a thought-provoking and interesting event.

Interiors Insider: Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Interiors Insider: Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

One of our favourite things about summer in London is its complete and utter saturation with design. From the bustling aisles at Decorex to the hum of the crowds at RHS Chelsea Flower Show (starting today), the capital explodes into an annual cocktail of innovation, new launches, new collaborations and a far-reaching appreciation for art and design.

First on our summer design agenda is Clerkenwell Design Week (starting tomorrow). Working with some of the world’s leading names in the industry, the annual design show is a uniting body across architecture, product manufacture and both commercial and residential interior design.

At its essence, Clerkenwell Design Week is the presentation of a series of specially commissioned design projects, which are showcased in and around Clerkenwell. These projects each set out to make a statement, led by the real pioneers in the design arena.

One key brand to look out for at Clerkenwell Design Week is Brintons, a carpet manufacturer which was founded in 1783. Boasting a longstanding position as the UK’s most revered and trusted carpet company, Brintons’ design team has bought the product offering into the contemporary landscape seamlessly, maintaining its time-honoured blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Using its vast pattern archive to rework designs and working on collaborations with other fantastic design houses, Brintons has established the fitted carpet as not only a worthwhile investment, but a true marker of luxury design across its demographics.

Brintons, Timorous Beasties Noir Ruskin Butterfly carpet by Brintons, £89.99 per sq m from www.Brintons.co.uk - Copy.jpg

At Clerkenwell Design Week, Brintons will launch a new collection with a pop-up installation designed by Studio Shaw Architects at St Johns Square. The commercial collection is the third iteration of an industry-renowned collaboration between Brintons and the Scottish design duo, Timorous Beasties. Visitors to the installation will be taken through the installation to experience total emersion in the world that the new collection creates on such a scale.

Craigend Brintons.JPG

The new collection will be named, Craigend, after Craigend Place where many of the Timorous Beasties motifs were designed. The name of the collection also alludes to the Gaelic word for rock, which is ‘creag.’ This name provides a great insight into the aesthetic of the new collection, which takes its inspiration from the natural world, and textures experienced underfoot in a very literal sense. Materials cited as inspiration for the wild, sprawling, large-scale designs are moss, lichen, sand dunes and stone, with further references to ink and paint.

This awe-inspiring installation will be open to visit for the entirety of Clerkenwell Design Week, from 22nd-24th May 2018.



Royal Wedding Hair Special

Royal Wedding Hair Special

Klaxons at the ready! The Royal wedding is moments away and it's finally time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to make it official. There has been much anticipation at Pure Public Relations HQ as to a. what will Meghan's dress look like b. what make-up look will she go for (will it be a strong eye and nude lip like future sister-in-law Kate Middleton?) and c. will she wear her hair up or down.  

Having just styled the hair for the exquisite new Temperley London Bridal campaign, we called up Moroccanoil’s Artistic Director Kevin Hughes to get the low-down on how to recreate the braided up-do and soft wavy looks. Consider them your fail-safe, super-chic styles for summer wedding season...



1. Prep your hair by applying two pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment Light and Thickening Lotion from root to ends to set the perfect foundation for styling.

2. Use Perfect Defense throughout the hair to protect it from any heat damage.

3. Blowdry your hair using Moroccanoil 45 MM Ceramic Round Brush to create lots of volume, body and bounce. 

4. Part your hair down the middle of the back of the head and split into two sections (pig tails).

5. Create 1 ¼ inch hair sections and tease with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong, then wrap these sections around the barrel of a 1 ¼ inch curling iron to create soft waves.

6. Once you've finished tonging, create a center parting down the back of the head as if you were creating bunches, and plait each one into a traditional three strand braid. 

7. Mist each braid with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to give effortless, textured volume.

8. Criss-cross the braids and drape around the top of the head, creating a crown effect.

9. Use bobby pins to keep in place. 

Perfect Defense_Low Res.jpg

Safe strands

You protect your skin with SPF, well this does the same for your hair. Simply apply to damp strands before drying



1. Prep hair by applying two pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment Light and Volumizing Mousse from root to ends to set the perfect foundation for styling.

2. Use Perfect Defense throughout your hair to protect it from any heat damage.

3. Blowdry your hair, parting it in the center with Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Classic Brush

4. Create subtle waves with a curling tong or wand throughout the hair, leaving the ends straight.

5. Spray Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray throughout the hair to give effortless, textured volume.

6. Polish your ends with Moroccanoil Mending Infusion - apply a pea-sized amount between your palms and work through dry hair, focusing on the ends after styling.

7. Finish with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong for long-lasting, weightless hold.

Meding Infusion.jpg

Brand new 

Split ends? Fueled with vitamins and protein this smooths over frayed ends 

Royal image courtesy of Kensington Royal

My Shelfie : @the_colour_file

My Shelfie : @the_colour_file

We have the best in beauty and the best in interiors, so it makes perfect sense we invite our industry friends to take a supermarket sweep of our showroom, select their favorite products from our clients’ collections and display them on the iconic String Pocket Shelf (available at Skandium).

Award-winning journalist who has written for You Magazine, the Guardian, Glamour, Psychologies columnist, mother and self-confessed lover of colour, Martha Roberts is the founder of The Colour File blog. A labour of love, Martha describes her blog as ‘a space for me to wax lyrical about colour in the form of daily colour stories’. With her colour-themed and beautifully styled shelves (we are literally begging her to come into our homes) capturing not only our attention but that of book publishers, we invited Martha into our showroom to work her rainbow-hued magic. Her hotly-anticipated book launches on 12th July (published by Octopus) and is bursting with page upon page of rainbow brights - it’s the best mood-boosting book we’ve ever flicked through…

Take a look at @thecolourfile #PureBeauty shelfie…


“It was when I was using KINN Living Organic Body Wash and Body Lotion, with their white and pastel packaging, that I got the idea for a pastels beauty shelfie. I’ve been an avid fan of pastels and faded colours even since working in an Indian orphanage when I was 18 and my clothes faded on the washing line in the baking sunshine to a paler but infinitely more beautiful version of themselves. There’s something understated about pastels and when you have them ‘en masse’, like in this shelfie, they exude a quiet but powerful confidence. I loved working with the pinks (including the curvy-bottled Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution SPF 30 and Intense Moisturizing Cream) and lilacs (Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel and Chase A Rainbow Fragrance Mist) to create what I feel is a romantic and feminine shelf display. The pastel coloured bottles in these ranges work brilliantly with the romantic washed-out colours of the sea urchins, coral nuggets, smooth pink pebbles and vintage pastel-coloured books in my personal styling collection. I have lots of pastel coloured products in my own collection, not least because they go beautifully in my millennial pink tiled bathroom. It’s important that products work but for me it’s just as important that they look good on a shelf, too!”

Martha 7.jpg


“Anyone who’s read my blog, The Colour File, will know that brown and I aren’t the best of friends! However, I have this ‘thing’ about brown when it’s teamed with blue, especially electric blue or cerulean blue. Brown and blue are like the couple about whom people say ‘I give it a year...’, only for them to prove their critics wrong and stay together forever in wedded bliss! It’s their colour differentness that makes these colour outliers sing so beautifully together. The frosted brown Perricone MD bottles along with the Cold Plasma range, as well as the Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Candle, are what gave me the idea for this blue and brown beauty shelfie, teaming the products with blue books and vintage finds that I have in my own personal styling collection. Other blue products that add to the sophisticated masculine-yet-feminine look include baby blue e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer and deliciously turquoise Moroccanoil Mending Infusion, as well as cool blue Super Facialist Overnight Skin Recovery Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Firming Lift & Smooth Eye Cream SPF 30 and Rita Hazan Touch-Up Stick. Layer upon layer of blue and brown - delicious! Personally, I could look at this shelfie combination all day.”

MARTHA 2.jpg


“I recently read that yellow is the colour that people are most afraid to wear (apparently they worry what their friends will think). Although I understand this anxiety - it is a pretty ‘out there’ colour - I love seeing it all over the place in interiors and fashion right now. I particularly love it when it’s teamed with green and pink. On a colour level this is my ‘perfect team’. The starting point for this yellow, green and pink shelfie was the daffodils I saw as I walked into the Pure Public Relations office, as well as a tube of spring green Super Facialist Purify & Refresh Facial Scrub and candy pink box of Malin + Goetz Otto Votive Candle. When I clocked these I knew this combination just HAD to happen! Pink and green beauty shelfies are soft and romantic as well as being young and vibrant (especially if you're using spring green and hot pink). Yellow touches throughout add a confident, contemporary edge to the whole thing. If you’re trying to say ‘I'm accomplished but fun-loving’ through your beauty shelfie, this is definitely one way to do it. The yellow also offers up the perfect opportunity to play with this ‘scary’ colour and to slowly introduce it into your life without a major commitment like painting a wall.” 

Martha yellow and green.jpg

Shelfie by Martha Roberts is available to pre-order on Amazon

Kelly Marks Talks Beauty Retail

Kelly Marks Talks Beauty Retail


It seems as if almost every day we hear another one of our staple retailers is going out of business. Toys R Us, Shoon, Feather + Black—the list goes on.  It’s all too easy for them to blame online and the strength of Amazon and other online-only retail specialists, such as Asos. My belief is that they need to start looking within, instead of pointing blame.

Retailers have the one special thing that online doesn’t, and that is the brick and mortar, the real-life space where they can immerse their customers, delight them in the brands, get them involved. This is the one element the onlines don’t have, and no doubt why the likes of Amazon and Google are developing real-world customer activations such as the Amazon Treasure Truck and Google Home Mini Donut Store. 

Brick-and-mortar stores need to not only keep up, but seize the chance to excel. PR and marketing work hard to raise brand awareness and drive sales, but to maximize potential and stay ahead of the curve brands need to invest more in engaging the end customer. The beauty industry is on a growth trajectory and it’s down to brands and retailers combined to make it happen. 

A store owner recently described Toys R Us to me as “Amazon’s shop window,” explaining the notion that customers go there to see the toys, compare prices on their smart phones, and then order them for home delivery at a reduced price from Amazon. But hold on, what if Toys R Us offered more than a big warehouse filled with shelves of products? They are a toy business, and yet no one is playing in their store. If they had a racetrack to test bikes on, hosted arts a crafts classes for kids, even installed a soft play area and started courses for parents to take their kids to, suddenly it would become a destination that people really wanted to visit and their tendency to spend would increase. You can’t offer this type of brand immersion online. 

So what for beauty? Beauty stores have the obvious benefits of being able to do makeovers and demonstrations and have customers test products. For diversification, stores tend to bring in new brands and create stories on POS but, it’s just not enough. They need to look at what more they can do to excite and delight new customers in order to drive footfall and a tribal following for their brand. There are a few leading the charge with this, making moves in new and creative ways.  

Sephora has installed slides in place of escalators in some of their European stores to make the experience of being in-store more engaging and something people want to share on their social media feeds. 

e.l.f. cosmetics has become one of the USA’s fastest-growing beauty companies, and it’s no surprise. They are and have always been a digital-first company, going so far as to actually consult with their beauty-obsessed customers and hosting totally immersive Beautyscape events for them in North America and Europe. In their standalone stores, people are encouraged to do their makeup, and e.l.f. even provides optimal lighting to help customers capture great photos of themselves to share. 

So it’s really time for beauty brands to do things differently—to not just compete with online, but to do better. Don’t blame others—think deeper about yourselves. What makes your brand different and how can you deliver it? Personalization, product blending, label printing, fragrance making, impeccable service—everything that makes customers want to come back for more. And retailers need to allow brands to demonstrate their own personalities. 

Let’s build a stronger retail beauty space, a place where men and women want to come to enjoy, learn, and indulge in beauty. And keep coming back.

Read the original interview with Kelly on Beauty Matter HERE

Chanel AW14 image courtesy of The Independent


Pure Public Relations x Aromatherapy Associates

Pure Public Relations x Aromatherapy Associates

We have a history with aromatherapy. We fell in love with its benefits when we discovered the joys of real fragrance many years go, whilst working with a aromatherapist in his lab.  Ever since, our co founder @pureprkelly has sworn by the power of aromatherapy oils and bathes most nights with Deep Relax from Aromatherapy Associates.  You can’t imagine the joy in our office now, as we share the news that this brand we love and adore so much, has just become a client at Pure. 

For more than 30 years, Aromatherapy Associates, has been specialising in wellness, mindfulness and leading a balanced life. The founder’s vision remains as relevant today as the brand continues it’s mission sharing the power of essential oils and their incredible effects at a therapeutic level. 

Kelly Marks, co-founder of Pure Public Relations commented: ‘We are thrilled to be working closely with Tracey Woodward , Geneveive Nikolopulos and the team at Aromatherapy Associates, a brand that we believe encapsulates the very essence of wellbeing.’ .

Pure x Aromatherapy Associates.jpg

Interiors Insider: Andrew Martin x National Gallery

Interiors Insider: Andrew Martin x National Gallery

“Through our licence with the National Gallery, if you want Michelangelo to design your wallpaper, we can do it”. - MARTIN WALLER, FOUNDER OF ANDREW MARTIN 

On Friday 4th May 2018, the doors to the National Gallery were opened for a VIP private viewing for interiors press and influencers as part of Andrew Martin's ongoing partnership with the National Gallery.


The partnership, formed in 2009, grants Andrew Martin permission under licence to reproduce any of the paintings that the National Gallery holds in its permanent collection onto wallpapers and fabrics - bringing these iconic pieces or art work alive in homes across the world. 

Andrew Martin, National Gallery Henri Rousseau - Surprised!, £139.90 per sqm, www.andrewmartin.co.uk.jpg

To celebrate this partnership the National Gallery granted Andrew Martin, Pure Public Relations and six members of press exclusive access to explore the empty rooms of the gallery, with time to look at the Di Vinci's, Van Gogh's and Canaletto's undisturbed. 

"It was enlightening for the group to see how the Andrew Martin team can take a painting of such detail and have the knowledge and creative experience to be able to decide if it can be re-produced and onto what. We were also lucky enough to watch first-hand how through a restoration lamp the colours of the old masters paintings truly come alive. The magical blues of their waters become almost life-like when the direct sunlight hits, a vision that would not be accessible to the every-day onlooker." - Cara Ward, Co-Founder of Pure Public Relations.


"In the 1980s someone came into the National Gallery and shot Leonardo Di Vinci’s, The Burlington House Cartoon, with a gun in protest at something (still no-one is sure why this happened)." - Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad about the House.

"Amazing to get so close without the crowds in the way, so many stories are told in one painting." - Roddy Clarke, Freelance writer.


Find out more about Pure Public Relations' interiors division here



Industry Insider : Goldfaden MD Special

Industry Insider : Goldfaden MD Special

From social media stars to brand founders and industry pros, each month we are going to bring you interviews with guests who are experts in their fields. Not only do we value what they have to say (like, really value) but we want to take you behind the scenes into their worlds, for top tips, tricks and insider insight. After all, knowledge is power.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Goldfaden MD’s power-duo Lisa Goldfaden and Lauren Wolk over copious amounts of caffeine (they were jet-lagged). Developed by leading dermatologist Dr. Goldfaden (Lisa’s father, Lauren’s father-in-law, also known as ‘Dr. G’) the pioneering brand is famed for its plant-based ingredients and problem-solving results. The authority on green beauty, the ingredients list reads more like a food shop than a chemistry lesson with sweet potato, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, green tea and honey all featuring. With zero harsh synthetic ingredients and micro beads and fully recyclable cartons and outer packaging, the brand is also fully focused on becoming as environmentally-friendly as possible. Read on for the full interview with the co-founders…

Lisa Goldfaden

Lisa G.JPG

Did you always want to work in beauty?  Not ‘beauty’ per say, as I had another career before co-founding the brand. I always knew I wanted to help people and having grown up with parents in the medical field, I’m not surprised I ended up where I am today.

What do you love most about your job? I love that I get to work with my family.

What is the one beauty product you couldn’t live without? Our Bright Eyes! Multi-faceted and targets all my eye issues (darkness, puffiness and fine lines!).

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes.jpg

Brand Hero

This is an absolute best-seller for the brand

Why did the brand decide to go down the ‘green/plant-based’ route?  Our brand DNA has always been ‘green’ and plant based. We are the first dermatologist-developed, naturally-inspired skincare brand. Since inception of the first product over 25 years ago, my father has always looked to plant-based ingredients to mimic traditional and chemically-created ingredients. He is a true pioneer in green ingredients and has travelled the world and written numerous scientific studies on effective plant-based alternative ingredients. Only recently has the public and the beauty industry accepted and caught on to plant based and ‘clean beauty’ which he has been preaching for years. Even when we first launched less than five years ago, there was a misunderstanding and mistrust in plant-based, natural products. We’ve had to educate along the way and luckily the natural category is thriving.

Describe the brand in 5 words Effective, natural, scientific, targeted, physician-strength.

The brand has the best mix of textures - from gels to creams and scrubs. Do you have a preference for this time of year? For the transition into spring, I love a multi-functional oil. I love to wear our Fleuressence Native Botanical Oil as my serum. As temperatures start to rise, I get my treatment and hydration from this one single product.

Goldfaden MD Fleuressence.jpg

The Power Oil

100% pure active botanicals, fruit extracts and natural oils

Is there a stand-out product within the range for you? Fleuressence Native Botanical Oil. This oil was a labor of love and it had to be just perfect, which is probably why it took over two years to formulate!

What does your daily skincare routine consist of?  I cleanse my face, neck and chest with Pure Start Cleanser, exfoliate with Doctor’s Scrub Advanced (3 times a week), Fleuressence Oil as serum/hydrator, Bright Eyes (which I keep in the refrigerator because I like how cold it gets) and Plant Profusion Neck Cream. I dry brush my body every night and recently introduced a jade roller for my face in the morning.

What’s a normal day for you? I wake up around 6:30am and read my emails in bed for twenty minutes, then get up and go to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop. If I can slip in a workout I’ll go to the gym, if not then I will at lunchtime. I travel quite a bit, so when I’m in town working I’m at my desk.

What makes for a successful brand? Authenticity, a clear vision and a solid team.

Would you agree that team work is the dream work? 100%.

Hopes for the brand in the next decade? To continue to make products that make people feel and look good.

What is your earliest memory of beauty/skincare?  My dad bringing home his ‘magic scrub’, now (Doctor’s Scrub) for my mum every week.

Describe Lauren in 3 words: Industrious, Laser-focused and Beautiful (externally + internally).

What makes for a successful business relationship? Trust and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

What would your ‘plan B’ have been? I had a career in museum education before starting this brand, so I would’ve stayed doing that.

You are continuously inspired by nature, are you an ‘outdoorsy’ person? I love to be outdoors as much as possible and try to exercise outdoors whenever possible. Growing up in Miami I was surrounded by the ocean and nature and feel very connected to both.

The products include ingredients like quinoa seed extract and anti-oxidants, do you both follow healthy lifestyles? I try and live a healthy lifestyle. I am conscientious about where my food is grown and what I put in my body. I recently adapted a Ketogenic lifestyle, which includes intermittent fasting for health and longevity purposes. I am very physically active as well.

 Lauren Wolk

Lauren GF.JPG

Did you always want to work in beauty? Not necessarily, but I have always been product-centric! Health and wellness have always been a huge part of my life. And I’ve always felt that beauty - specifically products - is really an extension of our overall lifestyle in terms of what we gravitate to, so I am focused on being what I call “naturally conscious” in every aspect of my life. This includes beauty products, household cleaning products, diet and exercise. When I first met my husband, Rob, he handed me this exfoliator in a lab sample jar and said “would you try this, I am thinking about starting a skincare brand, and this would be our lead product.” I of course instantly fell in love (first with the scrub, and later with him) and I saw the potential for an entire dermatologist-developed natural skincare brand, since this simply did not exist in the marketplace.

After a handful of years in advertising, working with global brands like Coca Cola, Volkswagen, and Method “non-toxic” personal care products, I wanted to follow something that I was deeply passionate about. I joined Goldfaden MD, over ten years ago and it has been the most exciting and rewarding journey.

What do you love most about your job? The endless stories that we have received from our customers worldwide about how our products have helped their skin, enhanced the appearance of their complexions and ultimately, helped to increase their self-esteem. The end result of using a product and how it helps to enhance the lives of others is a feeling that can’t simply be emulated elsewhere. We are able to experience the direct impact of our work and that’s a really special reward in life.

What is the one beauty product you couldn’t live without? Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub. I just can’t live without it.

Why did the brand decide to go down the ‘green/plant-based’ route?  It’s part of Dr. G’s heritage and DNA to use clean beauty formulas and alternatives to harsh chemicals, so it was a seamless transition into creating a brand that reflected his medical practice and the way in which he approaches topical treatments. Dr. G has been instilling a naturally-conscious way of lifestyle for decades, over 40 years, to be exact. Goldfaden MD is really a pioneer in the naturally-conscious beauty space and we’re so proud of that.

 Describe the brand in 5 words Dermatologist-developed, naturally-inspired skincare.

 The brand has the best mix of textures - from gels to creams and scrubs. Do you have a preference for this time of year? Exfoliation and serums! I am a total exfoliation “junkie” and there is no better feeling in the world to me than my skin post-exfoliation (especially going into the warmer months as oil, dirt and sunscreen build-up is more intense!), followed by our Brightening Elixir, which is a powerful anti-oxidant brightening serum that is oil-free (gel based). It’s the perfect Elixir for summer skin.

Glow Giver

This elixir is loaded with anti-oxidants

 Is there a stand-out product within the range for you? Doctor’s Scrub! It provides an immediate result in terms of increased radiance, texture and luminosity.

Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub.jpg

Smooth Skin

This buffs and removes dead skin cells - you can even use it on your body!

What do your daily skincare routines consist of? AM: Cleanser, serum and a lab sample of a new moisturizer that we are working on. PM: Exfoliation (Doctor’s Scrub), Cleanser (Pure Start), Serum, Oil (currently, Fleuressence). Skin Balancing Mask 3 times per week - I try everything!

What does a day in the life consist of for you?

5:30am - Get up and head downstairs to make coffee, check emails and get breakfast prepared for my kids.

6:30am - Get kids up, dressed and ready for the day!

8-9am - Workout. I have been following Tracy Anderson’s Method for four years now and my body craves the workout.

9-4pm: Office or running around the city for meetings.

4:15pm: Go home to see the kids and we do some sort of afternoon activity: hiking, walk throughout our neighbourhood, gardening, arts and crafts, etc.

5:30-5:45pm: Dinner.

6:30pm: Bath time.

7-7:30: Bed time for kids.

7:30-9: Just wind down. I usually take a long shower, catch up on emails and watch a TV show, then bed. I need my sleep!

What makes for a successful brand? I think in any category, a successful brand reflects a product/service that fills a niche, has a strong story and positioning that the brand does not deviate away from, and is a good product that offers results in all forms. It’s so important to stay true to your brands’ DNA and continue to tell that story in every way and all facets in order to stay authentic. Consumers are really savvy and can pick-up on true authenticity and passion in a brand and that’s what ultimately sells.

Would you agree that team work is the dream work? YES! And being able to share the same passion, drive, and dedication with my family is truly remarkable. As a team we’ve formed an unbreakable bond, and it makes us quite powerful in ways I had never experienced in the larger corporate setting.

 Hopes for the brand in the next decade? Double our global expansion. We have had a 40% growth year-over-year since launch and we are working hard to continue on that fast-track for this fiscal year and into next. With a heavy focus on retail door expansion, new product launches, online and social media initiatives, and large sample marketing partnerships, we will likely surpass our year-over-year growth for this fiscal year, which is really exciting, and working to continue that growth momentum for the next decade to come. Working with the right retail partners greatly impacts the success of the brand and we are certainly continuing to look at both the retail landscape and shifts in consumer behaviors - namely, leveraging social media engagement - in order to hone in on the brand’s expansion and growth opportunities to allow for us to continue building upon our strong footprint within the beauty category. 

What is your earliest memory of beauty/skincare?  At about three years old taking my mum’s lipstick, putting it on and making kiss marks on the windows. My daughter, now 3, follows the same.

 Describe Lisa in 3 words: Passionate. Driven. Visionary.

 What makes for a successful business relationship? Working with vendors, retail partners and team members who truly share the passion and vision of the brand because it shines through to every aspect of work, literally.

 What would your ‘plan B’ have been? Go back to work at an advertising agency, which I can’t even imagine doing now.

 You are continuously inspired by nature, are you both ‘outdoorsy’ people? YES! I live in LA and I am so grateful that the average weather here is 72 and sunny, so I spend so much time outdoors. Being outside and experiencing nature is really a creative fuel to the soul.

 The products include ingredients like quinoa seed extract and anti-oxidants, do you both follow healthy lifestyles? Yes, but I also indulge from time-to-time, but generally speaking, I practice intermittent fasting, eat loads of veggies and mostly fish for proteins with very little carb. I have a sweet tooth, so I always have dark chocolate on hand to cut my craving! I stay active too which is the body’s best medicine of all.

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Interiors Insider : Frida Kahlo and design

Interiors Insider : Frida Kahlo and design

Described as the “most famous female artist in history” by The Tate Modern, 63 years since she died, Frida Kahlo is widely recognised as one of the most innovative and ground-breaking painters of the 20th century. Her personal possessions, which were locked away for 50 years after her death, have been photographed but never before exhibited outside of Mexico… until now. The Victoria and Albert Museum is expected to display the Mexicana’s personal collection of artefacts from the 16th June- 4th November 2018. As this anticipated exhibition is set to open this summer, we explore Kahlo’s influence on the world of art and design.


Kahlo’s luck was limited from the start. As a young child, she battled with polio, which left her with a limp in her walk. At the age of 18, Frida was travelling in a city bus that collided with a street car. Frida was seriously injured, impaled with an iron rod that almost left her for dead. As a result, she spent three months recovering in hospital and to occupy her time, she turned to painting.

Told through her use of bold colours and dramatic symbolism, Kahlo was deeply influenced by indigenous Mexican culture. Her art was bold, bright, beautiful, and most of all, spoke of her pain and her thoughts. Her artistic style and personal clothing choices have followed her through the ages, into the 21st century, with many still looking at Kahlo as a liberated icon to be remembered and emulated.

Well-known for her unibrow, flower crowns and bold fashion style, Kahlo’s influence on the creative industry is prominent, especially if one looks to the archives of the Fashion World. Designers seeking inspiration have looked to Kahlo as a stylist figure, by honing in on her personal flair. Dolce and Gabbana, well known for their Sicilian inspired fashion collections, payed homage to Kahlo with floral headbands on more than one occasion; first in their SS12 show, and then again for their Fall Winter show of the same year… and continuously since.

We are seeing this translated into the interiors world for 2018 with bright colours and bold patterns coming to the fore.
Andrew Martin, Brompton chairs upholstered in Cruz Cactus £59.90 www.andrewmartin.co.uk.jpg

Bold & Bright

Andrew Martin, Brompton Chairs Upholstered in Cruz Cactus, £59.90

Dolce and Gabbana, RTW SS18.
Photo: Yannis Vlamos for voguerunway.com.




Our Top 5 from Milan Design Week

Our Top 5 from Milan Design Week

Every year, anyone who’s anyone in the design and furniture world descends to Milan to launch, discover, see and wonder at the delights of the Milan Design Week. Those who ventured to the city’s outskirts for the 57th edition of the Milan furniture fair found themselves in an enormous maze of pavilions. Whether you stayed in the city or made it to the fair, there was a lot to see. Our top 5 wonders... 

1. Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades and Les Petits Nomades: The travel-inspired objects, designed by the usual roster of creative heavyweights including Marcel Wanders, India Mahdavi and Raw Edges, are a Salone staple now. New to the line-up this year is Hong Kong-based architect and designer André Fu, his “Ribbon Dance Chair”, a sculptural seat for two spins around like a twirling ballerina in a darkened room at Palazzo Bocconi.

 Image courtesy of  www.wallpaper.com

Image courtesy of www.wallpaper.com

2. COS' 'Open Sky': Ever the crowd-pleaser, COS is master of the interactive (and Instagram-friendly) installation come Milan Design Week. Last year, Studio Swine’s bubble-blowing tree drew popped up on everyone’s feed, Sou Fujimoto’s 'forest of light' the year before that. This year, American conceptual artist Phillip K Smith III has created a faceted mirror sculpture in the courtyard which reflects the sky and splendour of the renaissance style architecture of the of 16th-century Palazzo Isimbardi in which it sits.

 Image courtesy of  www.wallpaper.com

Image courtesy of www.wallpaper.com

3. Roberto Cavalli: The Cavalli signature prints — namely zebra, snake and giraffe motifs — are as ubiquitous in the brand’s interiors as its ready-to-wear. At the Via Montenapoleone boutique, a capsule collection of 10 crystal vases — creative director Paul Surridge’s first foray into interior design — takes centre stage. Wild animal patterns are interpreted into colour crystal fragments and spheres, hand-manufactured by Tuscan artisans of Arnolfo di Cambio. At the main fairground, a vibrant citron shade is the colour of the season, flamboyantly paired with sedate tones of beige and grey.

 Image courtesy of  www.wallpaper.com

Image courtesy of www.wallpaper.com

4. La DoubleJ: Building on last year’s success with La DoubleJ Housewives, JJ Martin has scored the ultimate hat-trick, teaming up with three historic Italian brands; the porcelain and ceramic experts at Ancap, the Murano glassmakers of Salvati and furniture royalty, Kartell.  The ‘Libellula’ dinner set combines the illustration of a dragonfly circa 1985 with a botanical theme. (And there is also the mix-and-match, 18K gold-rimmed dessert plates too.) In the glass department, there is a series of stemless wine glasses in riotously vibrant hues, but the real showstoppers are the limited-edition murano glass goblets which breathe whimsical new life into historic designs dating back to the 19th century. The collaboration with Kartell rounds off the collection with a series of chairs, obviously dressed to the nines in La Double J’s signature vintage prints.

 Image courtesy of  www.wallpaper.com

Image courtesy of www.wallpaper.com

5. Missoni: The American artist Rachel Hayes was responsible for the artwork that hung over the Missoni show last September, a series of billowing fabric panels created to celebrate Angela Missoni’s 20th year at the helm of the brand. Now the artist has been commissioned to create ‘Blowing in the Wind’, an installation at the Via Solferino showroom. Three column-like structures flood the space with specks of colour and diffused light, created by the fragments of transparent and translucent plastic-like acetate which cover each structure. The refractions of light are created by the gusts of wind and projections blowing and shining from within.

 Image courtesy of  www.wallpaper.com

Image courtesy of www.wallpaper.com

The Ultimate DIY Facial

The Ultimate DIY Facial

Super Facialist is the much-talked about skincare line adored by the likes of The Sunday Time Style's Lorraine Candy, and the brand is all about mastering the art of the at-home facial. 

Here are our 3 easy steps to #BeYourOwnFacialist... 

1. Apply the Pure Micellar Cleansing Gel to damp skin, using your fingertips to really massage it into your skin in firm circular movements. Concentrate on areas prone to congestion, like your t-zone, and don’t forget your neck and décolletage. Massage in for up to 2 minutes.

2. Using a muslin cloth, remove the cleanser. Then repeat steps 1 and 2 for a really thorough cleanse - this is especially important for those that live in cities due to all the dirt and pollution you're exposed to. Take another clean, dry muslin cloth to pat your skin dry. 

3. Next, apply a pea-sized amount of the Overnight Skin Recovery Cream evenly over your skin, the formula contains Shea butter, probiotics and peptides to deliver intense hydration and encourage cell renewal. Always apply your skincare products in an upwards, sweeping motion to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. Finish with your preferred lip and eye creams. Et Voilà!  

Super Facialist Pure Micellar Cleansing Gel- resized1.jpg

Loaded with naturals

Aloe Vera & Coconut Water soothe sensitive skin.

My Shelfie : @cococoldn

My Shelfie : @cococoldn

Welcome to Pure’s ‘shelfie’ series.

 Coco with her favourite beauty picks

Coco with her favourite beauty picks

We have the best in beauty and the best in interiors, so it makes perfect sense we invite our industry friends to take a supermarket sweep of our showroom, select their favorite products from our clients' collections and display them on the iconic String Pocket Shelf (available at Skandium).

We've been watching @Cococoldn for some time now.  She used to be a beauty editor and when her social following took off she switched up to full time influencer.  Whilst this may be enough for some, Coco wanted more and is now entrepreneur about to launch CO2 clothing collection.   We are first in line, and can't wait. 

Take a look at @cococoldn 's #PureBeauty shelfie…

Perricone M.D. Super Greens I try and eat healthily but I’m always travelling which can make it hard. I always keep these sachets in my handbag and drink them on the go, wherever I am in the world. They’ve got kale, spinach and vitamins C, A and B7 in and taste incredible. All you need to do is mix with water, genius.

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil & Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum I love the feel of this cleanser. It glides over skin and removes dirt, grime and make-up. I double cleanse before bed and then follow with the serum for bright skin come morning. You can layer it under your moisturiser if your skin needs an extra hit of hydration.

Mary Kay Timewise Day Solution SPF 30 SPF is essential and I wear this everyday under my base, or on its own if I’m having a 'no make-up' kind of day. It blends beautifully and doesn’t leave a white, chalky residue behind. A top Coco tip - always take SPF down onto your neck and décolletage.

I love matte lipsticks and e.l.f. Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Praline is such a sexy colour!
— @cococoldn
Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 14.39.17.png

e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless and Mineral Infused Primers I rotate between these two primers, depending on how my skin is. They both create the perfect canvas and I sometimes wear them on their own, for a healthy glow.

Perricone M.D. H2 Elemental Energy Firming Foam Mask This is so fun to use! You apply it as a clear gel and it transforms into foam. Leave it on for up to 10 minutes for really hydrated, healthy-looking skin. I use this weekly when I have a night in of pampering.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Beauty Shield Massaging Overnight Recovery Cream This is fun to use when you’re chilling in front of the TV. Massage the roller applicator over your skin to treat it to loads of antioxidants, like carrot seed oil. 

Goldfaden MD Facial Detox & Bright Eyes I hit this up when my skin needs a deep clean, usually after travelling or a long day shooting in the city. It leaves it looking and feeling like I’ve just had a facial. The eye cream is an absolute must-have and prevents lack of sleep taking its toll.

KINN BEAUTY Body Oil and Body Wash These are organic and smell amazing! They treat my skin and my mood.

DAFNI Go If I need smooth, silky hair in a rush I always use this. Plus this is a travel version so it takes up less space in my case.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Metallic Lip Crayon This takes my look from day to night.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Foundation This is oil-free and leaves my skin with a radiant finish

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette 10 matte shadows in one palette. I love that it features every colour, from nude to bright blue. So many different eye looks in one.

BeGlow Tia I just love this gadget! I use it with my cleanser at night to ensure I have removed every last trace of make-up and dirt. I love that there’s two different speed settings.


Top tool

BeGlow has just landed at Lookfantastic.com and is the skin-boosting gadget of the moment.

Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo & Conditioner My hair is so long right now, so I need products that hydrate without weighing it down. And these do just that! 

Moroccanoil Treatment I apply this to my hair when it’s damp - just to the ends before drying. It’s so good!

Malin & Goetz Otto Candle This candle makes my apartment smell incredible, like a bouquet of flowers. And I always take the travel size in my case to remind me of home when I'm overseas.

Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss in Clear & Triple Threat Split End Remedy I’ve only recently discovered this brand and I’m obsessed. I love that the gloss only takes three minutes to develop but leaves my hair so shiny. The Remedy is a miracle worker at delaying my next trim and seals, repairs and protects. All in one.

Keep your eyes peeled for Coco’s @Co2LDN line which is landing soon!

Image courtesy of @cococoldn



Medik8's lab visit, with an army of elite press.  

Team Pure headed off to London's Elstree Street yesterday to Medik8's super-laboratory for the grand unveiling of their exciting new look and two new launches; Crystal Retinal and r-Retinoate Rejuvenating Eye System. That's about as much information as we can give away right now - it's that top secret!

Medik8's Founder Elliot Isaacs and Formulation & Development Director Daniel Isaacs were both on hand for expert Q&A. The press, including vlogger Ruth Crilly and Cosmopolitan Magazine's Inge van Lotringen, were all ears as Medik8 are the authority on vitamin A which is a buzzword in skincare right now - prompting informative articles and posts on social media left, right and center. 

All attendees were given personalised lab coats, bottles and raw materials to mix their own retinol serum - the ultimate in bespoke beauty! Here are some behind the scenes shots. 


VIP press

looking chic in their lab coats



Beauty Editor Lucy Parts loving her bespoke retinol bottle 


Time to mix

Freelance editor, writer and consultant Beatrice Aidin making her own  retinol serum


Happy press

Writer Edwina Ings Chambers getting creative in the lab 


VIP Vlogger

A Model Recommends' Ruth Crilly "I made my own retinol serum!" 

The Business of Beauty

The Business of Beauty

From social media stars to brand founders and industry pros, each month we are going to bring you interviews with guests who are experts in their fields. Not only do we value what they have to say (like, really value) but we want to take you behind the scenes into their worlds, for top tips, tricks and insider insight. After all, knowledge is power. 

First up is backstage photographer James Cochrane. Look backstage and you’ll find James among the models, make-up and mania snapping away, capturing the magic of Fashion Week. We recently caught up with him to discuss his career highlights, dreams and lessons learnt along the way. Read on for the full details…  


James & Gigi

Glittery lips for the model of the moment

What is your favourite work to date? Mick Jagger at L’Wren Scott. L’Wren had a closed backstage, only myself and the photographer for American Vogue were allowed in. I was shooting some models when I felt someone next to me also shooting with a compact camera, I turned around to see it was Mick Jagger who I promptly photographed with the girls.

Who is your biggest influence? Don McCullin, Tim Page and all of the great war photographers that graced the covers and content of the Sunday supplements in the 70’s.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking backstage photos? Have a wide client base, to absorb the setbacks.

Tips on how to capture the perfect picture? I shoot with a large aperture to slightly blur the skin. Models needs to give shoulder to lengthen and thin the neck, curving shoulders slightly to emphasise collar bones.


Models at...

Temperley SS19

Do you have a signature style? I like to shoot with back-light, either with an assistant or against the light with a large aperture. I like lens flare and atmosphere.

Do you regularly work with the same team? No, I shoot the shows and work with whichever characters are present. I love Sam McKnight and his side-kick Eamonn Hughes, Guido Palau, Eugene Souleiman, Duffy, Syd Hayes, Diane Kendal, Pat McGrath, Stéphane Marais, François Nars, Sally Branka.


Hair King 

Sam McKnight backstage at Burberry

What advice would you give someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps? Never complain; never explain - attributed to Benjamin Disraeli via Kate Moss.

Which backstage looks & trends have inspired you? I like a lip, we have seen very little this past couple of seasons, or a big smoky eye. Something to get enthusiastic about.


Getting lippy

James is all about the detail

If you didn’t do photography what would you do, aka ‘plan B’? I would attempt to write, apparently we all have one good book in us.

What is it you love most about working backstage? I still enjoy it when there is a connection with a model and the camera. When a model invests some energy in her poses.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen or heard backstage? Alexander McQueen running out of backstage in a rabbit costume.

Any brands you’d really love to work with that you haven’t yet? Calvin Klein and Saint Laurent.

Who is your dream face to photograph? There have been so many fantastic faces. Some of my favourites are Arizona Muse, Joan Smalls, Freja Beha Erichsen, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Werbowy and Rie Rasmussen.

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All imagery courtesy of James Cochrane jamescochrane.net

The Ideal Home Show Round-Up

The Ideal Home Show Round-Up

Didn’t get to attend the Ideal Home Show? Don’t stress - Pure’s interiors team have just returned with an edit of the top 5 things you need to know about when it comes to home décor in 2018 and beyond.

The consumer-facing Ideal Home Show is great for reaching a new and active audience of over 200,000 people
— Cara Ward, Co-Founder of Pure Public Relations

1.      Sustainability We loved the focus on sustainability in the 2 Lovely Gays kitchen pod. All the surfaces were made of sustainable, recycled materials. A particular highlight was a kitchen island made of recycled yoghurt containers, with metallic flecks from the yoghurt tops.

2.      Colourful furniture The Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet and boy did the shade pop-up everywhere. We saw it in the Sophie Robinson Innovation House, the Kitty McCall X Sofa Workshop armchair and the Ultra Violet Sofa Workshop Little Jon Sofa – so on trend!



Using colour to modernise your home

3.      The rise of the cocktail lounge The popularity of the VITA Copenhagen Audacious Bar Cabinet in the living room of the Good Homes Room Sets proves that the bar cabinet is becoming a standard feature of the modern living room.

4.      Fresh ideas for children’s rooms In the Innovation House designed by Sophie Robinson, the children’s bedroom featured incredibly detailed, dark wallpaper by Black Parrot Studios, a GIDC Winner. Complete with tiny, illustrated trees, cars and flowers, the wallpaper is artwork in itself. The artfully placed String Pocket Shelving System is a practical yet design-led element which bought the room to life as a home for toys and ornaments.


Kids Corner

The Innovation House designed by Sophie Robinson, featuring String's Pocket 

5.      70’s revival The serene, tranquil bathroom at the Good Homes Room Sets featured an unexpected luxury – an infrared sauna from The Wellnesstree Group.