Supplement your beauty

We’re having a Baader Meinhof moment about supplements. Not to say that they’re new to us, we’ve been advocates of Perricone MD’s Omega 3 supplements for years.

It's just they seem to be everywhere at the moment have fast become a staple part of any beauty and wellness regime.

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ is a new smart kind of cosmeceutical with a difference which launched this year to high acclaim. It’s a new breed of supplement that contains NO bulking agents or fillers. Simply three pure skincare ingredients; hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and astaxanthin, that smooth, hydrate and protect the skin.  Unlike a lot of supplements on the market today that are not ingested properly, these are absorbed directly into the blood stream via a unique enteric capsule.  Some of the UK's highest respected beauty editors (who get to try everything) are complete converts, enthusing over how plump and hydrated their skin now looks, the constant gloss to their hair and one of our team swears it’s helping a long term ACL injury– which make good sense, as Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen + was originally formulated as a join supplement.


The thing about supplements is when you discover one that works for you, you want to know about more, so we started asking our journalist friends what they stash in their desk draws or bedside tables. One that sparked immediate curiosity and desire to try was Pukka’s Turmeric Lifekind supplement. Once we got over the initial shock that one of our favourite natural tea company’s did supplements we got straight to testing.

Turmeric is renowned for being an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.  It's a low key little genius that works it’s magic on you both inside and out and Deborah on our team was keen to try it for herself.   She's about three weeks in and credits these special little pills for a feeling of overall vitality.


The Pure Team