How we're upgrading our 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR - we're lovers of resolutions, making pledges with the best intentions to herald new habits in the hope of unveiling our better selves. However, rather than throwing them all out there at the same time we prefer to pick up little things throughout the year and develop on these.

Here are a few things from the year gone by that we're upgrading in order to continue doing them, even better in 2017.

Sunday night facials are our idea of the greatest night in, and we are upping the ante with the brand new Goldfaden MD Facial Detox. There's nothing quite like applying this oh so indulgent mask as part of your weekly skin prep. Glass in hand and engrossed in an episode of Catastrophe (Channel's 4s laugh a minute modern comedy) we let this powerhouse combination of natural Camphor Zinc Oxide, and Sulfur do its stuff to clarify and soothe our complexions.  Goodbye breakouts, pimples and clogged pores, Hello clear, fresh, even toned, bright skin.  

We're also adding a little treat to our make up base too, by mixing a couple of drops Malin+Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil into our foundation.

Let us preface this by saying that using this product alone will also work wonders on your skin. And we do, on those nights we bring out the big guns. But we've also discovered how superb it is blended with our current foundation (Jay Manuel if you were wondering). If radiance and dewiness is what you crave with skin being visibly hydrated then give it  a try.  Think dewiness over oiliness, the great thing about Recovery Treatment Oil is that it seemingly sets dry, leaving the slightest hint of a sheen that we've found in no other facial oil before it.

2016 was the year that we upped our supplement game with them becoming an integral part of our daily routine:

  1. 7.30am - Glass of Perricone Superberry to get us revving for the day ahead
  2. 11am - Pop a capsule of Pukka Turmeric to support a general sense of well being
  3. 9pm - Three  Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ supplements before bed to work their skin restoring magic

It's a formula we've got down pat and we're pretty happy with the results - who wouldn't want to feel more energised and radiant on a daily basis?


That said, our supplement upgrade for 2017 has its sights set on the addition of Ritual, an exciting new breed of supplement from the US. Consisting of 9 essential ingredients that women are not getting enough of everyday,  each ingredient is pure in its formulation and entirely traceable. Even more unique is the rather clever way in which they've managed to combine the oil and solid ingredients in one.


This year we will be living and working smarter and we're stepping this up by unsubscribing from the emails that distract us and subscribing to those that inspire, such as Phoebe Lovatt's 'The WW Club' , TED to help us learn about things we didn't even know we needed to know but are glad we do, checking in with interiors blogs by Lucy Gough and Geraldine Tan as well as Pressed Juicery's The Chalkboard for wellness and style advice and natural beauty and skincare talk points at The Daily Scrub.



The Pure Team