Insta Love

When we're double screening, you know I'm a Celeb  and Insta, Nigella and Insta, The Crown and Insta, Stranger Things and you get it, nothing gets us more excited than seeing some of our favourite beauty experts recommending our clients' products.  Here are a few that have caught our eye recently.

600 Likes, 36 Comments - T R I N N Y (@trinnywoodall)  "Prep your skin for a busy week ahead with some good old fashioned granular exfoliation." featuring our favourite high street skincare line @super.facialist

249 Likes, 17 Comments - Caroline Barnes (@carolinebarnesmakeup) on Instagram: "These two @officialmedik8 products really improved my skin when it became really grumpy and bumpy..." It's all about the power of Vitamin A with Medik8 whose r-Retinoate is up to 8 times stronger than retinol.


Call us loyal, but we were super excited to see @malinandgoetz on Vogue Beauty Director Jessica Diner's shelfie with Space NK.


The Pure Team