Tis The Season for Pure Giving.

With Christmas just around the corner many of us are  in the throes of last minute shopping, hurriedly scouring the aisles of department stores and checking out our baskets as we tick off item after item from our shopping lists. Because it is good to give, right?

There is another form of giving that we wanted to highlight this Christmas season with a nod to some great organisations that demonstrate profound benevolence by  tirelessly and commendably working  to provide  services for those not as fortunate as us. As Shirley Chisholm once put it “Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth”

We asked a few  members of the Pure team to share some charitable organisations that are dear to them and why. We’d love for you to do the same so we’re asking that if you’re inclined post about your charity of choice on your Instagram using #PureGift, tagging @pureprlondon and we will donate on behalf of the first 20 to do so.


Candlelighters is an amazing charity that supports families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire. The money they raise helps them to pay for equipment on the wards and clinic, their family support centre and work in the community. They also fund the jobs of many people who make children’s cancer treatment in Yorkshire amongst the best in the country, in addition to investing in a research programme into the causes of children's cancer and potential new treatments. They helped a family friend who sadly passed away after facing cancer twice as a teenager.” Megan Magee 



Springhill hospice is a 16-bed purpose-built facility that offers specialist palliative care to patients from diagnosis to end-of-life care. They looked after my Grandad during the last few weeks of his life and provided both him and my family with the most incredible support during what was undoubtedly one of the darkest periods for our family. The level of care they provide is nothing short of amazing and the staff there are truly are angels. It costs roughly £9,300 a day to run the hospice and while some income comes from the NHS, 70% of their running costs come from fundraising within the local community.” Beccy Lee



“I would like to mention The Stroke Association as this charity provided invaluable help and support to my family.  My father had a stroke last year and this charity was amazing, providing lots of information and support to my parents. They also put my dad in touch with a counsellor, which helped with the emotional effects of his stroke. The Stroke Association helps to raise awareness around the risk factors for stroke, fund vital research and provides advice around the financial and emotional impacts that can result from a stroke.” Mackenzie Mackie


Bowel cancer.png

“After a close friend was diagnosed & treated for Bowel Cancer last year, her subsequent situation made me want to know more about the illness. Did you know it is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and second biggest cancer killer? However, it shouldn't be. The disease is preventable, treatable and curable, and there have been major advances in treatments and bowel cancer screening programmes in recent years. The earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat; people whose cancer is diagnosed at an early stage have a much higher chance of successful treatment than those whose cancer has become more widespread. The Bowel Cancer UK charity works together with people affected by bowel cancer and the clinical and research community, campaigning for early diagnosis (the current screening age is 60+ but my friend was diagnosed in her 30’s, and the number of younger people being diagnosed is increasing each year) and getting access to the best treatment and care for patients across the UK.” Susanna Murray Burton




I CAN is an education/training charity for children and young people with speech and language difficulties. Communication issues in children can have a serious impact on their mental health, social life and self-esteem. Operating out of the UK, I CAN provides information to parents via courses, conferences and seminars, and aids in training professionals to support the children affected by speech and communication difficulties.

We know how important communication skills are in the workplace, and what a vital transferable skill interpersonal communication is in all aspects of life. I CAN is working to ensure that all children have the right support to combat speaking issues as soon as they are detected. 1 in 10 children in the UK have communication difficulties that require specialist help, including stuttering/dysfluency, speech delay, or expressive language disorder.” Anya Cooklin



“With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health problems in any given year, how we care for ourselves and who we turn to is an integral part of recovery.

Providing advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem, Mind are a charitable organisation who work to impact millions of lives across England and Wales each year - offering aid in a variety of areas from crisis support to Ecotherapy.

Over the past seven decades, they have also worked to address the stigmas surrounding mental health conditions, campaigning for changes in legislation and addressing issues through the media.” Camilla Hooper



The Kids Network is a peer to peer mentorship based charity that provides support and community for working class kids who are deemed at risk. For me The Kids network represents a service I feel I would’ve loved to have been exposed to in my formative years and is a movement I’m proud to know and be a part of.  Supporting and nurturing the minds and experiences of the next generation is pivotal – especially those who are not surrounded by certain privileges.” Deborah Johnson

The Pure Team