Rita Hazan x Pure PR

We have a thing for hair.  Always have.  Our co founder Kelly swears the hair salon is her spiritual home, she grew up helping out in her father's hair salons and loves the feeling of familiarity she gets whenever she walks into a salon.  Our first ever beauty client at Pure was salon chain as we've worked with numerous styling brands and hairdressers over the years. 

But, when it comes to hair colour, as far as we are concerned there are colourists and then there is RITA HAZAN.  The rockstar of hair colouring, the undisputed queen of NY colour. You'll know here work, particularly if you're familiar with some of her clients; Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Jessica Simspon, Jennifer Lopez.  Oh, and you know that photo of BeyoncĂ©; colour by Rita Hazan - all regular clients.  Rita's iconic looks on these women have had a lasting impact on the beauty world, globally.

Rita has firmly established herself as 'The Hair Colour Authority' and will be bringing her eponymous hair colour care line to the UK.  Rita Hazan will launch her retail line in Selfridges this March including her game changing Root Concealer Touch Up Stick, Root Concealer Touch Up Spray and True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss.

We couldn't be happier to be working with Rita, her great products and awesome team. 

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