The Interior's Team Staff Picks

We asked the Interiors Team… if you were designing your dream home, what is the one item you would include. Here’s what they said…


“Andrew Martin have created eye-catching fruit sculptures. The cherry, a personal favourite, is a porcelain sculpture with a modern, surrealist twist. The juicy burgundy glossed finish only enhances its playful nature.”

Isabella pick.jpg

Feeling Fruity

Andrew Martin Fruit Cocktail Sculpture in Porcelain Bordeaux Cherry


The Walpole Sofa in Morton’s Marble from the new Sofa Workshop collaboration with the V&A.  With elegant, streamlined curving arms in a fabric inspired by the museum’s fantastic archive. It’s like having a masterpiece in the house.”

Walpole Sofa in Morton's Marble Charcoal £3,199, Sofa Workshop X V&A, (5).jpg

Chic Seat

Walpole Sofa in Morton's Marble Charcoal £3,199, Sofa Workshop X V&A,


“Made from all natural goose feathers, the ‘insta-famous’ lampshades give a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior décor.”


Bright Idea

UMAGE EOS Feather Light


“A set of Burleigh in a mix of Black Calico and Felicity. Exclusive to Soho Home, the collection fuses the time-honoured, rare tradition of tissue transfer printing and contemporary design with the striking black colourway! It really is my cup of tea.”

Black Calico and Felicity, from £25, Burleigh,

Down to a Tea

Black Calico and Felicity, from £25, Burleigh


“One of the most iconic design pieces of the 20th century and still relevant in the 21st! Flexible, accessible and great for any room, big or small.”

string pocket, ash-white, £122

A Scandi Icon

string pocket, ash-white, £122

The Pure Team