Andrew Martin Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Since 1978 Andrew Martin has been at the forefront of International interior design. This year marks the award-winning brand’s 40th anniversary. Founder Martin Waller created the brand at a time when his vision exceeded the traditional benchmark of design. Over the last five decades Martin Waller has paved the way with his daring and travel-inspired taste, and is known widely as the “Indiana Jones of the interior design world.”. What sets him apart? His bold, risqué vision and love for all that is colour and print. From starting the International Interior Design Awards which has produced names such as Nicholas Haslam, Kelly Hoppen and Kit Kemp to being named in the Evening Standard’s ‘1000 London's Most Influential People 2017’, it’s fair to say it’s been a very busy 40 years. Here we take a look back at the iconic designer’s achievements over the last five decades…


The brand’s first foray into design saw a palette of bold and bright hues, and this set the tone for the future of the brand



The rise in Indian motifs saw the Jehangir elephant print become a bestseller


Neon posterboards and model monochrome brought them into the Millennium



Open-plan loft style spaces lead to the pared-back industrial trend which straddles the next decade. Think vintage one-off pieces, battered leather furniture and tribal and African safari-inspired fabrics


The future

Goodbye industrial minimalism, hello eclectic maximalism. Andrew Martin coins this the Kaleidoscope Era, where we see a resurgence of the 60’s and 70’s, colour and geometric pattern from South America

The Pure Team