Pure Public Relations x Aromatherapy Associates

We have a history with aromatherapy. We fell in love with its benefits when we discovered the joys of real fragrance many years go, whilst working with a aromatherapist in his lab.  Ever since, our co founder @pureprkelly has sworn by the power of aromatherapy oils and bathes most nights with Deep Relax from Aromatherapy Associates.  You can’t imagine the joy in our office now, as we share the news that this brand we love and adore so much, has just become a client at Pure. 

For more than 30 years, Aromatherapy Associates, has been specialising in wellness, mindfulness and leading a balanced life. The founder’s vision remains as relevant today as the brand continues it’s mission sharing the power of essential oils and their incredible effects at a therapeutic level. 

Kelly Marks, co-founder of Pure Public Relations commented: ‘We are thrilled to be working closely with Tracey Woodward , Geneveive Nikolopulos and the team at Aromatherapy Associates, a brand that we believe encapsulates the very essence of wellbeing.’ .

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The Pure Team