Interiors Insider: Andrew Martin x National Gallery

“Through our licence with the National Gallery, if you want Michelangelo to design your wallpaper, we can do it”. - MARTIN WALLER, FOUNDER OF ANDREW MARTIN 

On Friday 4th May 2018, the doors to the National Gallery were opened for a VIP private viewing for interiors press and influencers as part of Andrew Martin's ongoing partnership with the National Gallery.


The partnership, formed in 2009, grants Andrew Martin permission under licence to reproduce any of the paintings that the National Gallery holds in its permanent collection onto wallpapers and fabrics - bringing these iconic pieces or art work alive in homes across the world. 

Andrew Martin, National Gallery Henri Rousseau - Surprised!, £139.90 per sqm,

To celebrate this partnership the National Gallery granted Andrew Martin, Pure Public Relations and six members of press exclusive access to explore the empty rooms of the gallery, with time to look at the Di Vinci's, Van Gogh's and Canaletto's undisturbed. 

"It was enlightening for the group to see how the Andrew Martin team can take a painting of such detail and have the knowledge and creative experience to be able to decide if it can be re-produced and onto what. We were also lucky enough to watch first-hand how through a restoration lamp the colours of the old masters paintings truly come alive. The magical blues of their waters become almost life-like when the direct sunlight hits, a vision that would not be accessible to the every-day onlooker." - Cara Ward, Co-Founder of Pure Public Relations.


"In the 1980s someone came into the National Gallery and shot Leonardo Di Vinci’s, The Burlington House Cartoon, with a gun in protest at something (still no-one is sure why this happened)." - Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad about the House.

"Amazing to get so close without the crowds in the way, so many stories are told in one painting." - Roddy Clarke, Freelance writer.


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