The Andrew Martin Showcase

Streetview_AM White.jpg

The Andrew Martin A/W 2018 showcase was held at 190-196 Walton St’s newly refurbished showroom and recently opened pop-up, Andrew Martin White. Press visited the showroom throughout the day to have a sneak-peek of the exciting new launches, from the Indian hand-crafted furniture, iconic Neon artworks, to the indestructible Houdini Velvet collection which is both stain resistant and fire resistant. Press got the opportunity to try and test the indestructible Houdini fabric with ketchup, once rubbed in they were amazed at how easily it could be removed without leaving a stain, making it ideal when those messy children or dirty dogs are jumping on your sofa!

Press were able to preview the designs of the first collaboration from Global brand, Andrew Martin, and award-winning interior designer Kit Kemp. The Kemp for Andrew Martin collection consists of vibrant colours and mythical elements of folk, reflecting Kit Kemp’s authentic voice and Andrew Martin’s extensive global knowledge.

A main attraction was Andrew Martin White – the new pop-up. White works as an antithesis to the Andrew Martin flagship; its cool tones and calmness contrasting the whirlwind of colour and lights next door. The room even features zebras, penguins and decorative white trees – a real must see!

Andrew Martin are also launching a lacquered wallpaper collection, custom-made headboards and a Kit Kemp x Andrew Martin ’12 Days of Christmas’ Advent calendar with a range of luxurious gifts including candles, notebooks and soaps. 


The Pure Team