Spring Summer 2019: Backstage at Aadnevik with Moroccanoil


From life-sized chess pieces to a giant throne and helium heart balloons, the vibe backstage at Aadnevik was very much Alice in Wonderland. Think fantasy, think rock-chick, think lace meets leather. Alongside the super-sexy outfits and metallic blue smoky eye, Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero created a ‘grown-up Alice’ hairstyle. Imagine Alice as a grown-up but still with an air of innocence; her hair is playful, feminine, and full of movement.


1.     Prep the hair by applying a pump of Moroccanoil Treatment from root to ends to set the perfect foundation for styling (Moroccanoil Treatment Light for blonde or fine hair)

2.     Using a tail comb, create a centre parting, then section the hair from ear to ear in line with the occipital bone, and pin the top layer up and out of your way.

3.     Separate the loose hair into three sections. Taking one section at a time, spray the full length liberally with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray and plait.

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.jpg

Texture in a bottle

This was one of the secret weapons backstage

4.     Loosen the plait by pulling apart random sections of the twisted hair, so as to create a more natural, less-defined finish once undone.

5.     To protect the hair from hot tools apply a liberal spray of Moroccanoil Perfect Defense over the entire hair.

6.     Clamp the plait between hot straightening irons from root to tip to set the waves.

7.    Working your way upwards through the hair in horizontal layers, repeat steps 4-6, increasing the number of plaits per layer as more hair is gathered, and leaving 1-2 inches of unplaited hair at the roots.

8.     Once the whole head is plaited, wait for approximately 5 minutes while the heat from the tongs dissipates and the hair ‘sets’. 

9.     Rub 1-2 pumps of Moroccanoil Mending Infusion through your fingers and begin to take out the plaits, running fingers through the lengths to separate and define the waves.

10.  Use a narrow barrel curling iron or crimping tool to create additional volume at the roots if required.

11.  Complete the look with a veil of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium to ensure the waves stay put but retain movement.


All images taken by Naomi Gabrielle

The Pure Team