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Brown is back! Here's how the design experts style this earthy yet versatile hue

Brown is seeing a resurgence in interiors and design perhaps due to its associations with the earth and a consequent ability to help us feel grounded. From rich walnuts to soothing chestnuts, this trending colour is both comforting and easy to work with regardless of your design style.

PuRe’s design experts share some interiors inspiration and top tips on how to incorporate brown into your scheme.

Albion Nord

Benham Park, 80 Holland Park, Albion Nord,

Benham Park, 80 Holland Park, Albion Nord,

Andrew Martin

As we are being faced everyday with the collapse of our ecological climate, there seems to be increasing interest in all things natural. This, of course, has translated into interiors trends. Where houseplants and pared-back wood have been on the scene for a while, this season is taking it one step further with the use of minerals such as agate and earthy tones like walnut and sage. Neutrals, cool blues and golds go well with these stones and using rich textures like velvet creates a symbiosis with these natural luxuries that we have to decorate our homes.’

Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin

‘The Tan and Almond colourways in our fabric, cushion (and throw) collections have noticeably increased in popularity in recent months, as customers seek comforting shades amongst a great deal of economic uncertainty and political upheaval. The colour has a calming effect, allowing people to feel more connected with the earth and helping them to keep their feet quite literally on the ground.’

David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin.

Wild Truffle, Mendoza Malbec and Monolith Paint from £39 per L, Andrew Martin,


‘Your carpet is the perfect place to start when creating a cosy living space. The texture of wool underfoot coupled with a warm colour or welcoming pattern makes it the perfect base upon which to shape a comfortable and inviting interior scheme. Consider tartan or large patterns in autumnal shades like reds, oranges and browns. Where an alternative flooring like wood or tiles might make a room feel stark and bare, a soft woven wool carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair and linen will all work to soften the overall look.’

Lisa Conway, Marketing Manager at Brintons.

Country Life Collection, Brintons, Agnella by Brintons Stone Power Loom Wool Beige Rug, from £325.99, Agnella by Brintons, available at, Dune Moire, £97.99 psm, Brintons X Timorous Beasties,

Craven Dunnill Jackfield

Ambience Taupe, 250 x 110mm, from £43.17 per m², Gold, 132 x 132mm, from £54 per m², Craven Dunnill,


‘Dark colours are a rising trend in interior design. Dark colours are bold and dramatic. They can have within them so many different nuances, tones and tactilities that give them different character. They can be basic or sophisticated, daring or elegant, industrial or classic, traditional or modern.

We look for inspiration everywhere and in order to design a series of products that truly captured the trend for dark interiors and kitchens, we turned our attention to the outside world, to the desert landscapes where natural stones are scorched by day and frozen by night, weathered by this endless cycle to produce the most wonderful patinas and textures.’

‘There is a warm intimacy that comes with the dark; a sense of quiet and calm that cossets and cocoons, that creates an atmosphere that encourages us to gather and eat and drink. A different mood descends. Taste, touch, scent and sound, all elevated.’

Mor Krisher, Head of Design at Caesarstone.


‘We see customers experimenting more with colour and although lighting is more successful as an accent to a wider colour scheme, we will be concentrating on the effect different surface finishes can have on colour; from very matt, to high gloss, coloured frosted glass or simply accented against brass or more natural materials. Within our own range we will be launching a more grounded/earthy palette which will complement our current mix of materials and aesthetic.’

Niki Wright, co-founder of lights&lamps.

Nitara Lamp, £119, Avero Lamp, £99 and Enza Lamp, £79, Bardi ceiling light, £395, Orta - 1 light warm white floor lamp, £169, lights&lamps,

LSA International

Dapple Collection, LSA International,

Maison Maison

‘Brown, a colour firmly rooted in nature, is reliable and timeless. It is a warmer and more contemporary alternative to a grey canvas, suitable for pairing with just about any colour.

To induce inherent warmth in your home, opt for lighting enveloped by natural tones and materials. A dose of warm amber seagrass or the rich taupe of water hyacinth can instantly create a calm, cohesive and sophisticated look. These tactile materials add comfort and interest to a space, lending it a sense of reassuring, warm tactility.’ Suzanne Duin, founder of Maison Maison

Migura Country House, Maison Maison,

The Woven Collection, Maison Maison,

String Furniture

In 2022 will still have an emphasis on natural and sustainability in design. There will be a blend of retro and natural colours, beige, warm hues and various shades of green. The beauty of String’s modernistic design lies in its flexibility and simplicity. With the infinite range of combinations available, in timeless materials like walnut, ash and oak, String’s shelves open up a whole range of possibilities for a design scheme so you can make as big a statement as you would like and even create a work of art out of your shelves.’ Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture.

String Furniture Tiny Cabinet Walnut, £415, Museum Sidetable (Dark Brown), £245, Cabinet with Swing Door from £288, string pocket metal in taupe, from £149, string,


“This year, we have noticed increased popularity for our darker coloured quilt covers, throws and accessories. Especially during these colder months, it is clear that many of us are embracing these bolder, darker hues for comfort and warmth. Bold yet timeless, darker tones such as black and brown make a clear design statement but also pair perfectly with many brighter hues so you can work it into your existing design scheme.” Joanna Ross, General Manager – Product & Innovation, Sheridan.

Tamber in Smokey Rose, from £59, Santi in Aniseed, from £139, Sheridan,

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