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Prepare for NEW packaging waste regulations by joining The Packaging PRomise

As industry insiders, PuRe is more than aware of the excess and unnecessary packaging used as a tool to drive awareness for products. Huge parcels adorned with all the bells and whistles draw attention to themselves without any thought as to how the receiver will dispose of them. It's an industry specific problem that needed a solution, so PuRe launched The Packaging PRomise with a clear mission to reduce waste packaging in PR mailers.

From 1st January 2023, all UK businesses responsible for packaging must start tracking their activity due to new waste regulations. This update means that all qualifying businesses must collect data on the materials they use and how, and the waste that these packaging materials create. This information should then be submitted between January and April 2024. An annual fee, which is paid to the environmental regulator, will be calculated based on the type of materials you have reported. Your fee will be lower if you use materials that are easier to recycle!

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to join The Packaging PRomise – which began with PuRe's promise to ensure all multi-brand send-outs were sent in completely reusable, recyclable, and plastic-free boxes and filling. We said goodbye to bubble wrap, plastic lined jiffy envelopes and glossy packaging tape, and hello to pulp-filled padded pockets, cardboard boxes, and sustainable alternatives. Instead of tissue paper, we upcycle daily news, using shredded newspapers and magazines to protect parcel contents. Nothing is added for the sake of it and of course, no single use of plastics. This is PuRe's commitment. We’ve asked all PR Firms and in-house teams to join us in this mission, believing that if we work collaboratively to make small changes, as an industry we can make a big difference.

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