We sat down with our newest client, CUBID CBD, to chat all about the brand following their UK launch! Check out below to find out more about CBD, what they say their desert island CUBID must have is and what makes CUBID stand out above the rest …

The appetite for CBD is growing, can you tell us what CBD is and the benefits?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a natural plant extract found in the Cannabis family of plants. You can get CBD from the marijuana or hemp plant, but at present, only hemp-derived CBD extract is legal. This is because hemp contains less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than its cousin marijuana, and THC is a controlled substance because it has psychoactive traits (gets you high).

CBD is a botanical anti-inflammatory. This means that when taken, it can help reduce stress, pressure, swelling … basically any issue that stems from inflammation.

CBD Oil Drops, which are taken orally, are known to help settle the mind, so they are particularly good for helping you to fall asleep and maintaining a better night’s sleep.Of course, this is only one example of a long list of benefits.

Another element we’ve come across in anecdotal research is women using CBD to help with period cramps and bloating. Oil drops or Stay Active gel applied to the lower abdomen are a great way to combat period derived concerns.

You could say lack of sleep, anxiety, depression and stress are all interlinked. Often, if you’re suffering from one of these issues, you’ll probably suffer from a couple of them. This is where a CBD product line is great as the oil drops can target wide concerns while specific products can be used to spot target additional specific problems.

Your products are developed using TruSpektrum technology , what is it and how do you ensure they are THC free?

TruSpektrum Technology is something which the supplier of our full spectrum hemp oil has developed. It ensures that they can provide a high strength full spectrum product, without any traces of THC and we understand this happens in the purification process. Our supplier is the only CBD manufacturer and wholesaler in the world that has an in-house analytical lab and tests our product at each stage of processing – meaning we can guarantee; our products have zero THC.

What inspired the name CUBID CBD?

We wanted to develop a CBD skincare range that would represent our ‘outside of the box’ approach. So, we thought what would represent this with CBD being present in the name. Box, Cube… CUBID! It was a simple as that. We also wanted to bring our transparency to life in the creative which is where the transparent cube comes from. We made it 3 dimensional to signify that we have 3 stand out dimensions to the brand: Quality, Transparency, Provenance. The ink marbling collection is an array of colours to represent the consistency and ingredients of each product.

What inspired you to develop a line of CBD skincare?

We wanted to create a CBD brand that could lead the way and that people could trust. Since we realised that taking oils orally was not going to be for everyone and different people had different motivations to use CBD, we wanted to create a range that suited the individual needs of all our customers.

With the Endocannabinoid System in mind, it was a no-brainer to go down the route of skincare as we had seen time and time again, anecdotal evidence of CBD helping with inflammation on the skin, and not just that, but muscle inflammation in fitness or activity too. Our skincare specialists created formulas that contained other powerful natural ingredients with the relevant medicinal benefits that together with the CBD would make an impact.

What would be your desert island CUBID CBD product?

Our Re:scue Butter, hands down. It’s not just a moisturiser, it’s a brilliant blend of oils which would also work great as an after sun!

Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, they are suited to all skin types, particularly dry skin - but anyone can use them.

Which skin concerns would your products be used to treat?

In short, anything that results from inflammation. The Rescue Butter and Stay Active Cream (because it contains tea tree) work really well for anyone with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or irritable, dry skin.

The Stay Active Gel works well in targeting a specific area of the body which is swollen or tense. For example, if I feel a niggling sensation in my calf or lower back after exercise, I would reach for this and just apply a little to that one area. It’s also been popular for those who suffer from arthritis in their hands, neck and shoulders to provide additional relief.

What defines CUBID CBD as a challenger brand?

CUBID set out to do things differently to other brands. We felt that the quality of our CBD and transparency of ingredients and provenance was paramount to success.

Our provenance is of utmost importance, it’s our story, our heritage where we came from, but also where our CBD comes from.

Of equal importance is our mission to educate the public about CBD. There is no industry standard, no recommended daily intake for CBD supplements, and no regulation (yet.) We want to be the brand that gets it right from the beginning and leads the way. A massive part of that is teaching people the truth about CBD, because unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions currently being fuelled around CBD.

We want to educate as many people as possible with the facts on CBD so it is more accessible to everyone, to help everyone Choose a Better Day, every day.

Aside from all of that, a couple of other points which we feel sets us apart:

1. The majority of our products are made using a high-grade full spectrum hemp oil. The hemp this all comes from is grown on a farm in Colorado using organic practices, but there is also a focus on sustainability. The scientists and engineers who make this oil only employ local hemp farmers and use local water sources.

2. Our full spectrum hemp oil contains 66.1% CBD, plus other cannabinoids including CBDA, CBG, CBC and some terpenes (although this is quite low, our oil only contains about 2% terpenes, so there is no potent smell.)

3. Our products do not contain THC. This means that if you were to be drug tested for whatever reason, and if that drug test had the capability for detecting THC, nothing would flag.

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