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Influencer Guide: How to successfully approach an Interiors + Design PR agency

As a lifestyle PR agency with class-leading Interiors + Design clients, we’re frequently approached by influencers who want to work with our brands. Some of the emails we receive are thoughtful and engaging, whilst many others lack essential information – leaving the PuRe team wondering how we can work together in a meaningful way.

If you’re a content creator looking to develop your relationships with home brands and foster partnership opportunities, read on to discover our top tips for composing a successful pitch. 

Zoë de Pass of @dresslikeamum



It’s no secret that first impressions leave a lasting impression. There’s nothing worse than getting a brief,

mass email addressed to nobody – so do your research before reaching out to an agency. Knowing the name of who you’re contacting and showcasing a familiarity with the brands you’re keen to work with go a long way.

The best partnership pitches specifically identify and articulate why you’re a great fit for one, or several, of our clients. 

Mandy Miller Simmonds of @simplyfoodbymandy



Presumably, you are writing to us because you have something to offer – show us why we need you!

The most successful intro emails are those that demonstrate how our brands’ products and values align with your existing content. 


For example, we’ll receive enquiries from beauty and fashion influencers, asking for gifted, high-value home products. They often explain how they plan to create more interiors content in the future. If you’re looking to expand

your niche, it’s ideal if you’ve already begun creating meaningful interiors content – before asking to work on a

gifted or paid basis.


Further, home purchases are often big investments, not impulse or seasonal buys. Showcasing that your existing audience fits the target market of the brands you’d like to work with is key. 

Reena Simon of @hygge_for_home




When reaching out to a PR agency, it’s always best to provide a media kit that outlines all your platforms, following, audience demographics, rates, and any relevant past partnerships. It’s also worth highlighting anything that makes you a uniquely strong brand partner. For example, if you’re a chef, a worktop collaboration may be highly mutually beneficial – as your audience values culinary excellence and is likely to invest in their own kitchen.


These details help us to make an efficient, informed decision and positions you

as both professional and easy to work with. 

Sophie Paterson of @sophiepatersoninteriors



Whether or not your initial pitch is successful, it’s important to stay in touch. By developing a strong relationship with a PR agency, you’ll remain top-of-mind for any future paid partnerships, organic gifting, events, and brand trips!

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