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Pure’s Plant Picks: Why we are living for these beautiful botanicals

As many of us become much more conscious of what we're putting in our bodies, we're also turning to plant-based skincare brands, highly aware of what we're choosing to put on our bodies. Whilst the performance of natural beauty products previously paled in comparison to those from our old go-to makeup counters, there are now an abundance of thoughtfully formulated, plant-based products which wear as well (if not better than) their more synthetic competitors. Read on to discover the beautiful backstories behind the powerful plants which make up some of our very favourite skin solutions.

The Resurrection Plant

Resurrection Moisturiser,

Under the brilliant Southern African sun, rooted in the resilient terrain, grows the abundant, hardy fauna, trusted for its healing properties. The Resurrection Plant can exist for years in Africa’s deserts without a drop of water. It dries out completely and appears to be dead, only to spring to green, lush life in 3 hours after rainfall. The same compounds that protect the plant and allow for rehydration during the harshest of conditions have been selected for The Natural Africa’s Resurrection Moisturiser. The sumptuous formula employs the regenerating abilities of this wonderous botanical to deeply moisturise the skin, promoting unparalleled hydration to resurrect dull and tired skin.

The Natural Africa is a pioneering small batch, luxury skincare range harnessing the power of highly-concentrated Southern African medicinal plants for maximum results. Organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, the capsule collection is created from time-honoured botanicals which have been sustainably, wild-harvested from across the Cape and then formulated by a team of pharmaceutical and dermatological specialists. The products are packaged in recyclable, painted glass bottles ensuring they are as gentle on the environment as they are on your skin.

Rose of Jericho

Reviving Aura Face Mist,

Don’t let the name “rose of Jericho” fool you: to the naked eye, this relative of the mustard plant spends more time resembling a modest grey tumbleweed than anything you’d ever want in a fresh bouquet. Like the Resurrection Plant, it has the ability to lie dormant for years and then resurrect itself – bursting into foot-wide plants covered in tiny white blooms – when exposed to a little moisture. Rose of Jericho’s time-defying ability to regenerate again and again (and again) make it ideal for your skin, keeping it ultra-nourished by improving water retention and preventing moisture loss. (See you later, dry patches.)

Developed in partnership with a board-certified dermatologist, Keys Soulcare’s Reviving Aura Mist promises to hydrate, tone, and revive your complexion. Infused with Rose of Jericho to help lock in moisture, the mist is formulated with a scent of rose that calms, balances, and resets your consciousness. Spritz it freely whenever you need to refresh your skin and mind.

Tea Tree Oil

Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste,

Tea Tree Oil has been used in Australian folk medicine for centuries due to its antiseptic effects. The Aboriginal people’s legends describe lakes surrounded by tea trees, where falling leaves and twigs from the trees leached their essential oils into the water and turned the lakes into antiseptic baths. These natural, healing spas were used to treat a number of conditions, such as skin infection, burns, cuts, and insect bites. Hello Oralcare’s Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste is thoughtfully formulated with Tea Tree for these potent antibacterial properties which help to tame bad breath. The botanical is paired with farm-grown peppermint for its abundance of potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus, which all work together to fortify enamel and naturally ensure the strengthening of teeth and gums.

Sea Fennel

Bright Start Activated Eye Cream,

Similar to its underwater sister algae, Sea Fennel grows in the sea and is fed by natural silica in the sand. This potent plant is so rich in Vitamin A that it’s considered a natural form of retinol – but one that is uniquely gentle enough for the delicate under-eye area. ILIA’s Bright Start Activated Eye Cream is powered by Sea Fennel and clinically proven to brighten, hydrate, smooth, depuff, and prep for concealer. The product’s cooling ceramic tip works as a massage tool, and the cream’s sheer pearl sheen illuminates under eyes for a softly brightened look.

Apple Stem Cells

Advanced Renewal Moisturizer,

The origins of using plant stem cells can be traced back to the Swiss ‘Uttwiler Spätlauber’ apple tree. In the 18th century, Researchers noticed that these apples were unique in that whilst still growing on the tree, they displayed almost supernatural self-healing abilities. When damaged, they could quickly regenerate their skin, whilst other apples would be scarred, damaged, and shrivelled permanently. Likewise, these apple stem cells activate your own skin’s stem cell regeneration. MALIN+GOETZ’s Advanced Renewal Moisturizer employs apple stem cell – PhytoCellTec™ – to repair damaged tissues, protect the skin from environmental stressors, and combat fine lines and wrinkles, ultimately firming, hydrating, and smoothing skin.


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