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Say YES to all-year-round SPF & NO to VAT with Hello Sunday

That elusive youthful, glowing complexion we all seem to be searching for comes primarily from a healthy skin barrier, maintained by practising consistent sun protection. Applying an SPF 365 days a year, not just when it’s balmy and bright out, is considered a non-negotiable, cardinal rule of beauty and wellness. Yet it’s one that many too often still skip.

Hello Sunday, the British SPF brand aimed at making every day a SUN day, aims to address the all-too-common misconceptions surrounding sun care usage. Many UK consumers (45%) do not consider SPF a daily essential, according to a recent study conducted by the British Skin Foundation. This statistic is highly concerning considering the rising prevalence of Melanoma and other skin cancers in the UK, with Melanoma currently ranking as the 5th most common cancer, according to Cancer Research. 86% of Melanoma diagnoses could be prevented through regular SPFuse, as highlighted by Melanoma Focus, showcasing that education is crucial.

Hello Sunday, The Illuminating One, £17.50 Available at:

Hello Sunday is committed to spreading awareness about the year-round importance of sun protection. It is a frequent misconception that harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays are only present on sunny days or during warmer seasons. However, these rays can penetrate clouds, windows, and even clothing, causing premature ageing and long-term damage to the DNA in your skin cells in any weather.

Recognising the need for accessible sun protection, Hello Sunday actively supports the efforts of key cancer charities and MPs who are advocating for more affordable SPF options and asking the UK Government to remove VAT. While changes in pricing structures may take time, Hello Sunday wants to encourage all UK consumers to incorporate SPFinto their daily routine, 365 days a year. From Thursday 27th July, Hello Sunday is offering a reduction in the price of all sunscreen products available on throughout the summer months (July and August 2023).

This initiative aims to make high-quality SPF products more accessible to all across the UK, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to prioritise their skin health. Join us and spread the important message of year-round SPF in the UK.

For more information about Hello Sunday’s commitment to sun protection, please contact: and @hellosundayspf.

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